Golden Hearts Touching Lives Initiative is a registered NGO run by a diverse group of well meaning Nigerians who feel that the disconnect between the well–to-do and the have-nots in the society can be addressed through individuals, corporate organisations and the Government.

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  To support and sponsor our projects and the various organizations we support, we need funds. The more we have, the more we can do. To this end, we organize regular fundraising events and appeal directly to Tindividuals, corporate organizations and foundations to partner with and support us.

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Special Needs:
We have a preference towards individuals and organizations that care for people with special needs. We will be their voice, their legs, their eyes and their messengers. We will advocate for their needs and rights.
Public Health:
Community Health Services: We are committed to taking health care services to the poor. In particular, we are keen to ensure the uptake of vaccination services in areas where through ignorance, suspicion or superstition, the community shuns the available services.
Advocacy and Policy:
Where needed, we will advocate for the well being and care of the challenged in our society. We would work with the authorities to adopt policies that protect the rights, well being and welfare of
the challenged in our society.
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